Our Impact

Springboard Trust's impact on New Zealand students and schools.

The ultimate goal of Springboard Trust is to improve outcomes for New Zealand students.  

While this begins at improving school leadership, it is vital that we can track our impact as it flows throughout a school. We do this through our Theory of Change.  

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change is a proposed multi-year model that tracks a principal’s development, and how that growth and learning flows through to other – ultimately creating the conditions for better student outcomes.  

Mapping our impact

It is along this model that we track our impact.  

This begins with learning the core tenets of strategic leadership – planning, resourcing, leading change and engaging stakeholders effectively. Principals are more than school leaders, they are community pillars. As such, their ability to positively engage everyone they come into contact with is vital.  

When principals have bedded in these skills, they begin to take their senior leaders on the journey with them. Through our Alumni Services, we help educational leadership teams develop distributed leadership (in line with peer-reviewed research on how leadership influences student outcomes).  

Over time, principals develop an environment that allows student to thrive. While a long-term process, it is one where we see near-immediate impacts on the ground in New Zealand schools.  

As our annual analysis shows, specific improvements in student outcomes under principals that have worked with us can be attributed to changes they made through our programming.  

For more information and details of our research, please find our annual Impact Reports below.

2018 Impact Report

Springboard Trust 2018 Impact Report

The 2018 Impact Report from Springboard Trust breaks down the breadth, depth and scope of our portfolio, as well as how the development we enable impacts New Zealand student outcomes.

2017 Impact Report

Springboard Trust 2017 Impact Report

The 2017 Impact Report from Springboard Trust explores the impact of our recently introduced Alumni Services, the growth of the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme, and the impact these have on New Zealand student outcomes.

2016 Impact Report

Springboard Trust 2016 Impact Report

Read the Executive Summary, discussing the birth of Alumni Services, plans for growth through to 2020, and the impact we have on New Zealand students in the 2016 Impact Report.

2015 Impact Report

Strengthening the Strategic Leadership of New Zealand Principals

A 2015 report by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research into the impact of the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme on students.

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