Become A Partner

Help us make the magic happen.

New Zealand schools and their school leaders are a critical foundation for the success of our young people. By enhancing school leaders strategic leadership, we support positive change throughout the education system.  

Our Partners are the organisations that support all the work we do and make all the magic possible.  

What is a Springboard Trust partner? 

Springboard Trust’s Partners are either public, private or philanthropic organisations supporting us in many ways, shapes and forms. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and regions, and we share the the common goal of supporting positive change in New Zealand schools and for the future of Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Partners often taking the lead in their communities by supporting us to dramatically improve the life skills of all young New Zealanders.  

Who do partners work with?  

Our Partners work with our Board of Trustees, Partnerships Manager and our leadership team (among others) to help us achieve our goals.  

How do partners support Springboard Trust?  

When organisations partner with us, they provide support in whatever way they can – typically associated with their highly skilled and capable people throughout New Zealand.  

Partner support can be through funding or providing volunteers to be part of our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme and Alumni Services. However, partners also support us by:  

  • Providing products or services, such as auditing, supporting us with our digital transformation and bookkeeping.  

  • Promoting and communicating what we do within their own organisations that supports their own specific strategic goals such as social responsibility or corporate citizenship, leadership development or diversity and inclusion..  

  • Providing us with consultants and industry experts to assist our internal functions. 

Our people are growing in confidence and experience that is in return reflected in their performance and happiness at work.

Who are Springboard Trust’s partners?  

We have three partnership categories in our Parternship Model: Strategic Partner, Major Partner and Supporting Partner.  

Strategic Partners 

Strategic Partners support Springboard Trust’s organisational structure, stability and growth. Through this, they support the transformation of schools in their communities, often building their own leadership development by volunteering with us.  .  

Major Partners

Major Partners’ contributions facilitate the development and delivery of Springboard Trust’s portfolio of programmes around New Zealand. A primary source of volunteers, Major Partners have a direct impact on their communities and foster massive leadership development within their own organisation.  

Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners help with the day-to-day operation of Springboard Trust. In turn, they help us transform local schools and develop more cross-sector collaboration that develops tomorrow’s educational leaders.  

Our Strategic Partners