Strategic Measurement for Schools

Balanced Scorecard - Measurement that counts!

Measuring a school’s progress, performance and impact remains a challenging task for many school leaders. Deciding what to measure and how, and the best way of reporting on it all depends on your unique school, community, team and, of course, your strategic plan.

Our Strategic Measurement for Schools programme is designed to tackle these challenges head-on!

“[The programme] has identified gaps in practice between what the school says it values and the actual ability to measure this and demonstrate achievement"

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What your team will gain:

You and up to two leaders will identify holistic, long-term performance objectives and measures using our Balanced Scorecard framework, and develop the skills to effectively tell an evidence-based story of progress within your kura. 

By the end of the programme, your team will have:  

  • Certainty you are measuring what matters in your kura via a succinct set of meaningful, long-term performance measures unique to your context 

  • Enhanced ability to to tell the story of your school's progress and evidence performance to stakeholders 

  • Confidence you can take wise, strategic action informed by quality data and with the support of expanded business and school networks 

“This is a completely new way of thinking – it has connected and aligned our leadership team and given them a wider appreciation of the strategic priorities of our school”

Who it's for:  

This programme is open to principals and up to two of their leaders who:

  • Have an aspirational, shared vision and clear strategic plan in place at the school and;

  • Are committed to measuring and improving the school's performance over time

Your commitment: 

  • Time - This is a 6 month online programme. Allow for 23 contact hours and 20-30 hours of self-directed application of the learning.

  • Cost - The programme cost for 2024 is $1960 +GST for a principal and two members of their team.

How it works:

It's time to lift out of the day-to-day and up to the space station-level view! Reflecting on your vision and strategic plan, you will work with our team, other school leaders and expert cross-sector volunteers to identify, capture and utilise the most important and useful information in your school with our Balanced Scorecard framework ensuring a holistic approach:

  • People, tools and resources - The adequacy of your facilities, personnel and curriculum.

  • Teaching and leadership - Your team’s abilities, needs, growth and current classroom practices. 

  • School culture and community - In particular, the degree to which the school environment is a safe space for students, physically, socially and emotionally. 

  • Academic learning - Students’ academic identities, progress, performance and readiness for further education.

To participate in this groundbreaking programme or to find out more, fill out our short expression of interest form here and we'll be in touch!

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