Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP)

Begin your journey to stronger leadership.

The impact that it has on me as a leader – it's the kind of learning you don’t forget.
Tamara Bell, Principal, Southbridge School (SLPP 2017)
A transformative 10-month leadership development programme for Aotearoa principals. 

The Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP) connects Aotearoa principals with strategic experts from outside of the education sector to develop principals' leadership capability and to support clear, insightful strategic planning for schools. 

Strategic leadership is a pivotal element for improved school performance. The ability to effectively engage with key stakeholders, plan strategically, resource and implement initiatives, and measure and report on progress ensures strong relationships, clarity of direction and the right conditions to lead change for better outcomes and a thriving school community.

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What you will gain:

By the end of the programme, principals typically demonstrate significant progression in: 

  • One- and 3 to 5-year planning and outlook 

  • Creating and communicating a vision and strategic plan

  • Identifying, communicating with and gaining buy-in from key stakeholders

  • Measuring the impacts of their changes

  • Leading transformative change for their team 

This forms the bedrock of the conditions for improved student outcomes, which we explore in more detail through our Alumni Services. For more information on the direct impacts on school leadership that principals gain through SLPP, please check out our annual Impact Reports.  

Programme outputs include:

  • 3 to 5-year strategic plan

  • 3 to 5-year roadmap of initiatives

  • Plan-on-a-page (single-page strategic plan overview)

  • Measurement framework

  • Annual plan for first year of implementation

Who it's for:  

SLPP is open to any principal who wishes to enhance their strategic leadership capability and who:

  • Has at least two years of experience as a principal 

  • Has been at their current school for at least 12 months 

  • Has no major PLD commitments in the coming year 

  • Has no Commissioner or Limited Statutory Manager in place at their school

It is also important that participating principals:

  • Have the support of their Board of Trustees

  • Uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles through a particular focus on results for Māori learners and their whānau

  • Are willing to lead others in change  

Your commitment:

  • Time - This is a 10-month programme which typically runs from Feb/March through to Oct/Nov. The time commitment is 100 contact hours plus an estimated average of 2 hours per week throughout the programme to apply the learning, engage with stakeholders and develop your strategic plan.

  • Cost - Depending on the philanthropic funding available, there may be a requirement to apply for Ministry of Education RAPLD hours to access the programme, or a cost to participate. Please complete the expression of interest form to speak with one of our team and learn more.

How it works:

We form cohorts of 8 principals who, through a series of 8 workshops spanning 10 months, will explore the core elements of strategic leadership and strategic planning together. 

These workshops are guided by an expert, experienced strategic leader from outside of education and a Springboard Trust Programme Manager.  

Additionally, each principal receives 1:1 support from a Capacity Partner - also a dedicated, expert strategic leader from outside of education - with whom they form a high-trust, high-empathy relationship that delivers outstanding growth and impact. This cross-sector model is unique to Springboard Trust, and ensures every principal who takes part has personalised support to meet their needs at both a personal and professional level.  

SLPP workshops may be delivered either in person, virtually or through a combination of both depending on the location of successful applicants. Please note that depending on location, some travel may be required for the former. 

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