Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals (SLRTP)

A unique programme for leadership development.

Rural teaching principals face challenges that their metropolitan counterparts often do not.  

Working as both teacher and principal, these leaders also have numerous other roles within their school. On top of this, in a rural context school leadership extends far into the community – to the extent that they are ‘always on’.  

Finally, there are often significant hurdles for rural teaching principals in terms of accessing development opportunities, and finding relief teaching when those opportunities arise.  

With some 20% of the country’s principals in this situation, Springboard Trust is thrilled to offer a unique, fully-funded programme designed with them in mind.  

Tailored development for rural teaching principals 

The Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals Programme (SLRTP) is the first of its kind in New Zealand. Combining elements of our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP) and our Springboard Coaching for Leadership programme, we developed this course in recognition of those rural-specific challenges that principals face.  

SLRTP includes: 

  • Three 2-day residential block courses and one final full day course 

  • Interactive webinars from our Subject Matter Experts 

  • Regular online cohort meetings 

  • A 360° leadership review 

  • One-on-one meetings with Impact Coaches 

  • Debriefing sessions with Programme Managers 

  • Self-paced learning and ancillary resources  

  • Cohort engagement through our Canvas LMS 

Taken over the course of a calendar year, principals will pair with Impact Coaches – volunteers from our network of experts – and learn the fundamentals of strategic leadership, with a unique focus on rural teaching principal roles.  

They will work together through our new blended learning model, combining the best of both virtual and in-person learning environments.  

As with our other programmes, the relationship with your volunteer forms the cornerstone of your learning. A high-trust relationship forms, and helps you develop your skills as a leader within the parameters of the programme.  

For principals, it is a fully funded leadership development course – a benefit made possible by our partners in the Elaine Gurr Endowment Trust, from Perpetual Guardian

Who can apply for SLRTP?  

SLRTP is open to all principals who have not completed our previous programmes, and who fit the following criteria:  

  • Work in schools with fewer than 100 students

  • Teach in classrooms on a regular basis 

  • Live in communities a significant distance from the nearest major urban area  

Applications for SLRTP typically open in Term 3 of the year before the course begins. To get in touch about taking part in this course, please contact one of our team.  

For volunteers interested in becoming an Impact Coach, please contact our Volunteer Manager, Rebecca Brown.  

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