Vision and Values

Why Springboard does what it does

If our schools thrive, our society thrives, and that depends in a large part on leadership. Springboard helps build the strategic and leadership skills of the dedicated people running our schools.  Through our work, we aim to play our part in ensuring that all Kiwi kids, regardless of where they live or what their means are, have access to a great education.
Ian Narev, Board Chairman, Springboard Trust

Springboard Trust’s vision is to dramatically improve the life skills of young New Zealanders.

We will achieve this by enhancing school leadership capability.  

Our Values 

This vision is supported by our four core values, developed collaboratively by the Springboard Trust team. Together, these values define who we are and how we aspire to work together – including within our wider community of principals, volunteers and partners. 

Make A Difference

We come to work every day to make a difference. Making a difference means doing what we can to support school leaders to transform educational outcomes for learners. We believe a culture of dynamic capability, curiosity, agility and responsiveness is the ideal environment in which transformational ideas can flourish.  

Better Together

We leverage our collective strengths, expertise, diverse perspectives and ideas. We collaborate in and outside of our own organisation and succeed by working respectfully, supportively and effectively together. We believe that creating value in the lives of others is predicated on treating everyone in a valued way. We build connections.  

Passionate About Learning

We are passionate about learning and the concept of ako. Ako means both to teach and to learn. It describes a relationship of reciprocity and requires us to build caring, inclusive and productive learning communities where everyone feels their contribution is valued. We keep it real and encourage critical thinking and creativity through a culture of support.  

Bring Our Best

We live our values no matter what. We are the courageous and accountable leaders we need to be to achieve our vision of a better future. We value quality but recognise that quality for tomorrow requires experimentation today, so we can discover bold, clever, sustainable solutions capable of creating the difference we want to make in the world. We make discoveries and challenge ourselves to be better. 

Our Partners