Springboard Coaching for Leadership (SCL)

Transformational change begins with individual change.

Foster your strengths through a comprehensive 360-degree feedback system with coaching support.

Springboard Coaching for Leadership is a service designed to support principals, senior and middle school leaders to understand their strengths and how these can be leveraged in existing or future roles. 

How does Springboard Coaching for Leadership work? 

SCL is a process of reflection, introspection and then connection. The Springboard team – along with our volunteers – provide a principal, senior or middle leader with coaching and guidance to help them decipher their strengths, areas for development and where they should focus their efforts. 

This is supported by a comprehensive 360-degree feedback process involving up to 15 people the leader works or engages with. Fully confidential, SCL provides a safe and supportive environment for all the feedback you need to thrive.  

You will work through SCL in a series of one-on-one sessions alongside an expert volunteer coach, who will support you to unpack the feedback, set a goal and work on a plan to achieve your goal. 

What do school leaders get out of Springboard Coaching for Leadership?

Springboard Trust’s leadership framework is a tried and tested model for not just strong school leadership, but the flow-on impacts of that leadership to the rest of the school and wider community. It correlates with the Teaching Council’s Leadership Framework, as well as the Mental Health Foundation’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing model.  

Through 360 feedback and coaching in SCL, school leaders will: 

  • Foster trust, safety, creativity and exploratory thinking in themselves and their teams.  

  • Develop strengths-based leadership with clear, practical next steps.  

  • Get unique insight into their own leadership style.  

  • Create positive leadership practices that impact the whole school and community.  

Finally, SCL gives you the starting point for developing your own skills and bringing the rest of your leadership team on this journey with you.  

Who can take on Springboard Coaching for Leadership?

The SCL programme is open to all school principals, their senior leaders and middle leaders. 

This service runs across two terms, and requires committed input from up to 15 key people, including leadership team members, direct reports and peers.

To find out more about Springboard Coaching for Leadership or to register your interest, head to our Expression of Interest form

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