High Performing Leadership Teams (HPLT)

Bring your team on the strategic leadership journey.

Please note our HPLT programme is now fully subscribed for 2023! You can join our waitlist for 2024 here.

It takes a village to raise a strong school environment. 

While strong leadership is a must for any New Zealand principal, it is equally important to bring that journey to each and every member of a school’s leadership team.  

Springboard Trust’s High Performing Leadership Teams programme helps schools develop a shared vision, understanding and plan for high performance. It helps individuals find their place in a leadership team, create development pathways and identify how every members of a team contributes to the vision or plan of a school.  

A problem shared is a problem halved, and leadership shared is leadership gained by all.  

How does High Performing Leadership Teams work?  

HPLT is a programme designed to light the fire of distributed leadership in New Zealand schools.  

You and your leadership team (both senior and middle leaders welcome) meet with an expert volunteer facilitator through three four-hour workshops, taking place across one school term, all under the guidance of a Springboard Trust Team Member. The workshops are:

  • Laying the Foundation

  • Building the Team

  • Operating to Get Results

A pre-survey helps the facilitators understand your team, and they will feed back analysis on how you all work together before the workshops begin. This ensures the course is tailored to your leadership team’s needs, rather than a prescribed curriculum that may not be an ideal fit. 

Through the workshops, you will build a cohesive team unit who understand one another, learn to operate effectively and communicate with one another to improve learner success.  

A final round of analysis with the facilitators helps your team set next steps, and clearly define roles and development for the future.  

You can find more information on the facilitator role here!

What do school leaders gain from High Performing Leadership Teams? 

By the end of an HPLT course, you and your leadership team will have:  

  • A shared knowledge of what constitutes a High Performing Leadership Team and a shared team purpose, behaviours and goals to achieve this. 

  • Increased their skills and abilities to work effectively together as a high performing leadership team and lead change.   

  • Developed a shared commitment to change and a focus on operating strategically to achieve results. 

Who is High Performing Leadership Teams for?  

HPLT is open to the leadership teams surrounding all Springboard Trust alumni (those who have completed our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme or our Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals Programme).  

While all leadership team members are welcome, it is ultimately the decision of the principal on who to bring to the HPLT programme. In particular, leadership team members who play an important role in the implementation of your strategic plan should be invited.  

What do you need for High Performing Leadership Teams?  

First and foremost, a willing leadership team that wants to commit to positive change and a better shared understanding of your work.

The HPLT programme will take up to five days of time across a single school term, and may be delivered face to face or virtually.

To enquire about our next HPLT intake, please head to our Expression of Interest form.  

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