Volunteer Impact Report 2020

Ako in action across the education sector.

Springboard Trust doesn’t exist without its volunteers.

Every year, hundreds of cross-sector experts freely give their time and expertise to Aotearoa school leaders, all in service of a better future for our tamariki.  

These volunteers and school leaders are transforming schools together – and the Volunteer Impact Report illustrates just how they’re doing it. 

"Volunteers are a vital part of Springboard’s whanau. Hundreds of you across the whole of Aotearoa share our commitment to Kiwi kids, and are willing to show that commitment by making the time to collaborate with school leaders. Together we have worked with over 500 schools, and we are only just starting. To all of our volunteers: a heartfelt thank you. We deeply appreciate your generosity of spirit. We hope that you, in turn, are inspired by the school leaders you have come to know. We look forward to continuing our work together, supporting school leaders to help Kiwi kids thrive." - Ian Narev, Chairman, Springboard Trust

Below you'll fund the full report, based on reflexive thematic analysis of our volunteer debriefs and surveys - as well as what principals had to say about their experience working with these cross-sector experts. We hope you enjoy it!

Volunteer Impact Report

Springboard Trust Volunteer Impact Report

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