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The Springboard Impact Report 2019: It's here!

We believe that effective leadership transforms schools.  

Springboard Trust is thrilled to announce the release of its 2019 Impact Report, which explores and evaluates the impact that our portfolio of programmes and services has on New Zealand schools.  

This has been a time of distinct change for both Springboard Trust and the wider New Zealand education sector, with the far-reaching economic impact of COVID-19 and the existing changes to NZ’s education system under the government’s wider Education Portfolio Work Programme.

In these times, it is critical for Springboard to act as pillar of certainty and strength for New Zealand principals, schools and students. 

We have achieved this by improving, innovating and expanding our suite of programmes and services, as well as further developing a set of evaluation metrics that have shown statistically significant links between our work and improved school conditions.  

In the 2019 Impact Report, you will find:  
  • Full analysis of our portfolio  

  • Internal and external highlights for Springboard Trust 

  • Comprehensive evaluation of our impact on principals, schools and students

  • Changes implemented in 2019, and those to come in 2020 

Coupled with analysis of previous cohorts and programmes, volunteer and partner views, unique new programming and a foreword from our Chairman Ian Narev, this is the most comprehensive analysis of Springboard Trust’s impact to date.  

Our commitment to New Zealand schools 

Springboard Trust’s core values are Make a Difference, Passionate About Learning, Better Together and Bring Our Best. We believe the 2019 Impact Report is a clear embodiment of these values, providing a robust and transparent summation of all aspects of our work.  

Additionally, it forms the foundation of groundbreaking new work that will continue in 2020. Please note, however, that this report does not include our work in the COVID-19 space – all of which will be outlined in the coming weeks.  

To get your copy, click here.  

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