Kickstart Your Strategy Workshop

Bring your strategic plan to life, one action at a time.

A strategic plan is a foundation document for any future-facing school.

However, that plan takes the long and broad view of your school’s vision and strategic goals and does not provide the level of granularity that is required to translate strategy into action. 

Kickstart Your Strategy is all about breaking down your strategic plan into scoped, measurable pieces of work that your team can use to guide action and review progress on a regular basis.  

How does Kickstart Your Strategy work?

This workshop will assist you and your lead team to:

  • Initiate - Practical experience in initiating and planning your activities

  • Communicate - Understand who your key stakeholders are and how best to engage them

  • Implement – Gain knowledge of tools that will assist in monitoring and measuring your plan

  • Change - Appreciate your role in leading the strategic change within your school. 

Who is Kickstart Your Strategy for?

The KYS workshop is open to principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme in the prior year, as well as their senior leadership teams.  

To find out more about our next KYS workshop, get in touch with your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page

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