Kickstart Your Strategy Workshop

Bring your strategic plan to life, one action at a time.

A strategic plan is a foundational document for any future-facing school. However, that plan often takes the long view of your school’s objectives. 

The vision, mission, values and even initiatives are annual or multi-year goals. When it comes to distributing your leadership and delegating actions that contribute to your vision, you need a more granular, day-to-day view of your plan.  

That’s what the Kickstart Your Strategy workshop is all about.  

How does Kickstart Your Strategy work?

Kickstart Your Strategy is all about breaking down your strategic plan into scoped, measurable actions and goals that your team can review on a daily or weekly basis.  

This begins with the strategic hierarchy – the differences between vision, values, initiatives, actions and measures – as well as how to identify and assign these.  

Working with your team and a Springboard volunteer facilitator, you will learn the project lifecycle, and how it applies to your strategic plan. That means identifying where initiatives have multiple actions, what everyone needs to do for an action, and how to close or review such work.  

You don’t just learn this as theory, either. Throughout the one-day workshop, you will be applying these key concepts to your own strategic plan. We will provide you with scoping, reporting and implementing tools that highlight what you need to do, and when you need to do it.  

Another key element of this workshop is reporting. For many principals, learning how to accurately measure, monitor and report progress on a strategic plan is a difficult task. Understand what makes a good measurement, what information the board needs and how best to communicate that detail is balancing act between analysis, people management and stakeholder engagement. 

Kickstart Your Strategy helps you and your team deliver clear, concise reporting that shows boards exactly what they need to see.  

What do you get out of Kickstart Your Strategy? 

Once you and/or your team have completed the KYS workshop, you will have:  

  • A clear understanding of strategic hierarchy and how to implement it.  

  • Comprehension of the project lifecycle, and how to use it in action. 

  • The ability to break down, plan out, continuously monitor and report on your key initiatives and actions. 

In short, you will have the tools you need to ensure that at any time, at any phase of your strategic plan, you can clearly indicate how every single element of it is progressing.  

Who is Kickstart Your Strategy for?

The KYS workshop is open to all alumni principals (those who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme), as well as their leadership teams.  

While it is a useful tool for principals who have not scoped out the detail of their strategic plan before, all are welcome to take on the workshop as many times as they like. It can be useful for both establishing and refreshing your understanding of each part of your plan.  

To find out more about our next KYS workshop, get in touch with your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page.  

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