Annual Planning Workshop

Because creating a strategic plan is just the first step.

Principals also need to know how to deliver their strategic plan effectively, year on year.  Which initiatives you’ll take on this year, who will be responsible versus who will be accountable, and when do actions need to be completed.

With the Annual Planning Workshop, you get the clarity you need to deliver on your strategy in the upcoming year.    

What happens in the Annual Planning Workshop

The Annual Planning Workshop is a Term Four programme tailored for alumni principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP).

A single-day session for you, your senior and/or middle leaders, it is a time to break down your strategic hierarchy (vision, mission, initiatives, actions and outputs) and set clear goals and initiatives for the following year.  

Once finished, you will: 

  • Understand your strategic hierarchy 

  • Be able to define and tell apart the above terms in your own plan 

  • Have a shared language for talking about the plan in your team  

  • Use the SCOT and PEST models, and apply them in your school 

  • Understand where you are in the delivery of your strategic plan

  • Be able to apply RASCI frameworks to your plan 

  • Have a leadership team who understands the ins and outs of the strategic plan. 

In short, the Annual Planning Workshop breaks down the strategic plan into an annual plan.   

Who is the Annual Planning Workshop for?  

As above, this workshop is open to all alumni principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals (SLPP) programme.  

While principals may come on their own, we recommend they bring at least their Deputy Principals or Assistant Principals, as well as other key members of their leadership team.  

In Auckland, the workshops will take place at the Springboard Trust offices in Onehunga. Elsewhere in New Zealand, we will host them at venues to be advised based on demand and resource.  

Please note that, as with most of our programmes, resource is limited. While all alumni principals are welcome, we may have to prioritise based on school need.

What does the Annual Planning Workshop cost?  

Nothing but your time! Annual Planning is a free workshop, and will run for approximately six hours on a single day.

Where can I enrol in the Annual Planning workshop?  

Registration will open in term three but before then you can get in touch with your Programme Manager, or head on over to our contact page to fill out an expression of interest.  

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