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National Volunteer Week 2020 - Principal tributes

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As we complete our celebrations for National Volunteer Week, we'd like to present a series of tributes to those who have given so much of their time and energy for the betterment of New Zealand schools.

You'll also find our volunteer spotlights here, as well as our latest infographic highlighting the work that Springboard volunteers have put in over the years. Enjoy!

Sven's impact has been significant, I think that a comment I made as part of my presentation was- 'I wish Sven lived in my head'! I love his clarity of thought and ability to articulate his understanding; his responsive and agile approach; his authenticity; his ability to challenge our thinking. The impact on me personally, and the work I do, has been significant. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Sven. Truly, one of the best professional development opportunities I have experienced in my career.
Celeste Hastings, Holy Cross School

An extended thank-you video from principals across the country

It was a privilege to work with Kim Jenkinson as my capacity partner with Springboard Trust. Kim expertly coached and guided me throughout the strategic planning process. I appreciate her ability to ask challenging questions, push me outside my comfort zone and support me to create a great strategic plan. Thanks Kim, for the time you invested in my growth throughout the programme.
Robyn Malcolm, Principal, Drury School
I was privileged to have Debbie Gregory as my Capacity Partner with the Springboard Trust in 2019. Debbie’s wide experience in a range of businesses and industries, and her personable and inclusive manner made her very easy to work with. Debbie was an excellent listener, always ensuring my voice was heard. She did not give solutions or answers, but worked alongside me to ensure that the needs and focus of my school and community were at the core of reviewing and developing our new strategic priorities and plan. I was very grateful for her expertise and her willingness to give up her time to support me. She challenged my ideas and thinking in constructive ways and the outcome was a Strategic Plan that accurately reflects the goals and vision we want for our school.
Rose Neal, Principal, Oteha School

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