Implementing Your Plan

A suite of workshops and sessions to support turning your strategic plan into action.

Creating a strategic plan is just the first step.

Springboard Trust is excited to bring new learning to tumuaki in Aotearoa, focused wholly on implementing the strategic plan they create in our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP) or the Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals programme (SLRTP).

Introduced in 2022, these programmes are initially available only to principals who completed one of SLPP or SLRTP the previous year - but we hope to expand this scope in the future.

Implementing Your Plan - How Springboard Trust Can Help

Mentoring for Principals

Time and time again, principals remark on the value our cross-sector model brings to their learning. Having an experienced leader from outside the education sector to listen, challenge and develop their thinking creates an incredible relationship that delivers results.

Mentoring for Principals is an expansion of that cross-sector magic, giving tumuaki the opportunity to have six mentoring sessions with a volunteer business leader, focused on the implementation of their strategic plan.

Principal Connect Sessions

The cohort-based learning environment is another key part of learning with Springboard Trust. The ability to share and bounce ideas off a group of principals from different contexts (yet facing similar challenges) doesn't just create an excellent learning environment - it is a reassurance that we are better together.

The Principal Connect sessions are a chance to either keep your SLPP / SLRTP cohort going in a structured learning environment, or join a whole-new group of tumuaki to learn from one another. These groups of 4-6 learn together under the guidance of the Springboard Trust team, developing effective implementation of everyone's strategic plans.

Skills Workshops

Established parts of the Springboard Trust learning portfolio, our Skills Workshops are another essential tool for implementing a strategic plan.

Currently we are offering two that are tailored to the implementation focus - Leading Change, and Annual Planning.

If you'd like to find out more about bringing your strategic plan to life, please contact your Relationship & Programme Manager.

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