COVID-19: Resilience

Leading resilience and hauora for your school and community.

Right now, there is nothing more important than resilience and wellbeing.

While already a focus for many principals who have worked with Springboard Trust, we would like to provide more support in this area to help all New Zealand school leaders through the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Our goal is to support principals to build and maintain resilience within themselves, so they can support others to do the same.  

How Springboard Trust can help principals with resilience 

We understand the time constraints and information overload that principals go through at the best of times – let alone during a pandemic.  

That is why, rather than provide a comprehensive programme, we are offering a kete of wellbeing-focused resources that principals can use at their leisure. We will be releasing multiple items a week, focused on topics that respond directly to priorities principals have highlighted.  

This will include: 

  • Video content 

  • Models of wellbeing  

  • Presentations, seminars and conferences 

  • Interviews and advice  

These videos, toolkits and articles will give you a regularly updated set of tools to build and share resilience. 

We will be calling upon our network of experts to provide insight, learning and perspective on resilience, helping principals keep a strategic approach to their own wellbeing, and improving that of their community.  

Who can access our resilience resources – and how  

We will publish all resilience resources either on this page or in our news section, keeping everyone updated on the latest we have to offer.  

These resources are free to use for everyone who needs them, principals, volunteers, partners and the general public alike.

Resources for resilience:

3 Ways To Be Happier

Tips for happiness in times of crisis from the London Business School's Michael Parke!

Read here

The Wellbeing Wheel

For Men's Mental Health Week, an introduction to the Wheel of Wellbeing.

Read here

Buoyant Wellbeing

A two-minute introduction to the PERMA model of resilience.

Watch here

Your Strengths Superhero

Strengths-based activities for children as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

View here

The Importance of Teacher Wellbeing

NZ-focused resources for teachers to look after their own wellbeing.

View here

Developing Resilience in Children

An animation for teachers and parents alike on developing resilience in young people.

Watch here

Leadership Resilience

10 vital tips for self-care and resilience as a workplace leader.

Read here

The Three R's of Mental Health

Breaking down the Mental Health Foundation's resources on COVID-19 wellbeing in the workplace.

Read now

Resilience: In conversation with Wendy Paul

Tips and advice from Fonterra's Director of Purpose, Wendy Paul, on building and maintaining resilience for both yourself and your team.

View here

Three Good Things Quiz

From the Greater Good Science Centre, this 10-minute quiz helps you focus on the positives in your environment.

Take the quiz

Resilience under Level 2

Five key tips for resilience under Level 2 from the NZ Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience.

View here

How to be supportive

Character Lab's advice on why fixing things in times of need is not necessarily the best approach.

Read here

The Three Secrets of Resilient People

Dr Lucy Hone (Director, NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience) shares three strategies that got her through an unthinkable tragedy - an inspiring talk on not just resilience, but working through life's most difficult situations.

View here

Five Ways to Wellbeing Toolkit

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand's Five Ways to Wellbeing toolkit is a series of resources designed to help anyone learn and maintain the core tenets of wellbeing. Available as individual sections or a whole programme, it is essential learning for resilience.

View here

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