Capacity Partners - Strategic Measurement for Schools

Subject matter expert support for school lead teams.

Develop school leaders' strategic measurement skills
  • Seven online workshops over 6 months

  • Runs March to September

  • Subject matter expert contribution to workshops and 1:1 virtual coaching for up to 3 school leadership teams

Strategic Measurement for Schools (SM4S) Capacity Partners build trust, understand the needs of the school leaders and their context, and support them in building their balanced scorecard and their strategic leadership capability.

As a Capacity Partner, you will work with principals and their leadership teams through online workshops and 1:1 sessions. Taking the time to listen, learn and leverage your expertise to support them is critical to success.

The experienced Springboard Trust team will match you with up to 3 principals and their leadership teams to work within the cohort. You’ll also be part of a cohort with up to 18 schools, so will support all schools in the online workshops.

Who makes a great SM4S Capacity Partner? 

Typically, Capacity Partners are senior leaders in their organisation. They are highly capable and skilled professionals with experience in strategic planning, measurement, and an understanding of the balanced scorecard, change or programme management with strong coaching skills. They may also be emerging leaders hoping to support their learning and ongoing career growth, or who want to accelerate their development in this area.

The Capacity Partner undertakes the role of:

  • A guide with experience to support the cohort to articulate clearly what matters to each school and therefore what to measure (and what not to measure)

  • A motivator to keep the cohort persevering when it gets challenging

  • A critical friend to ask the tough questions

  • A conscience that holds the cohort to account for measuring what matters

Time Requirements

Capacity Partners are asked to volunteer approximately 18-22 hours of their time annually, including a one-hour induction for volunteers and 30-minute preworkshop briefing meetings.

The programme typically starts in March and schools have their final presentation workshop in September. Participation in the workshops is essential to ensure maximum learning and impact for the volunteer but also encourages the conversation and discussion that happens within the cohort.

To find out more about volunteering with Springboard Trust, please get in touch with our Volunteer Manager Rebecca Brown.

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