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Te Takarangi: Introducing a new kind of strategic plan for Springboard

Ko koe ki tēnā, ko ahau ki tēnei kīwai ō te kete. 
If you hold that kete handle and I hold this one, together we will succeed.


Springboard Trust is thrilled to announce Te Takarangi – our new Māori Strategic Plan.  

As an organisation that supports school leaders to help all students succeed, we have been doing a lot of work, internally and externally, to improve the ways we can put Māori learners’ needs at the front and centre of educational achievement.  

We believe that Māori achieving as Māori provides the strongest platform from which they can contribute to New Zealand society. By developing our own Māori strategic priorities, we hope to foster growth in this area through the school leaders we work with.  

What is Te Takarangi? 

Overall, Te Takarangi is a plan to amplify Springboard Trust’s strengths (like our cross-sector, non-didactic relationships) while bringing on board more Māori expertise, leadership and competency within our organisation.  

This includes purposeful advancement of Treaty-based partnership with iwi and Māori partners, making ourselves “Māori relationship-ready" and fostering more co-creation of leadership models and practice with these partners. 

In action, this will have four main focal points:  

  1. Guiding school leaders to prioritise the educational success of Māori learners by affirming their culture, identity and language.

  2. Ensuring Māori young people, their whanau and communities are central to what we do.

  3. Building our Treaty of Waitangi understanding as a framework that includes all NZ learners’ success, especially Māori learners. 

  4. Building insight into the impact of our work on the needs of Māori learners and their whanau.  

Each of these points will have many actions and initiatives stemming from them, which we’ll be telling you about as we launch them.  

Why are we doing this?  

When Māori succeed, everyone succeeds – and by taking a deliberate and focused approach to making this happen, we hope to create better conditions throughout New Zealand education

There is plenty of work ahead of us – but we’re very excited that this work has begun. It has also meant some new people in the organisation – notably Linnae Pohatu, who helped to devise Te Takarangi and has joined the Springboard Trust team as our Pae Arahi.  

We’re looking forward to sharing more with you – and if you have any questions in the interim, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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