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Springboard's virtual cohort: Everything you need to know

A brand new pilot for leadership development.

Every year, the Springboard team reviews its programmes, with input from principals, volunteers and programme managers, to tweak and improve our delivery for the following year.  

Obviously, this year has thrown a few wrenches into the delivery system – and we’re trying out some new pilots as a result. Perhaps the most exciting of these is the virtual SLPP cohort for 2021 – here's how (and why) we’re making this shift.  

Why a virtual cohort?  

COVID-19 has reinforced the need for every organisation to be able to operate to at least some degree in the digital space – but that isn’t the only reason we want to pilot a virtual cohort.  

Typically, we operate in many regions across New Zealand, from the far north to south Canterbury. Since 2007, we have worked with approximately 20% of NZ principals. But we don’t reach every school  in the country, and that’s something we would like to address.  

With a virtual cohort, our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme can be accessed by any principal anywhere in New Zealand. It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to grow, and to work with other school leaders in all-new areas for Springboard.  

Download now: SLPP 2021 Brochure

Key information for our next set of cohorts

How will the virtual cohort work?  

Just like our traditional SLPP delivery, principals will work with a volunteer Capacity Partner under the guidance of a volunteer Facilitator and our own Programme Managers.  

The content will also remain the same, focusing on principals’ strategic planning and leadership , creating a plan on a page for their school and exploring annual planning. However, we’ll be doing all of the workshops and working sessions online.  

Principals will have full access to our Canvas Learning Management System, with course materials, supplementary resources and access to other cohort members through this. Workshops will happen on group video calls, which some of this year’s principals and volunteers are already very familiar with!  

With the course taking place online, there is also a lot of built-in flexibility for everyone involved. No transport to or from workshops, and the ability to access everything you need, when you need it. 

Fundamentally, it is still the same Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme. But by taking things online, we’re opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for our leaders’ learning.  

Interested in the virtual cohort?  

As mentioned above, our virtual cohort will be available to principals across New Zealand, no matter their location.  All you need is a reliable internet connection. If you’re interested in creating the conditions for change in your school, strengthening your professional development or becoming a better leader – get in touch with our team or apply for SLPP below!

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