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Russell Bishop: Teaching to the North-East Webinar

What a week we all had. 

Wednesday and Thursday last week was our Leading for Equity event, and we’re astonished by the amount of learning that got packed into such a short space of time. Presentations dovetailed with one another, attendees were challenged and challenged speakers themselves, and we’ve come out of the event just bursting with ideas.  

In the next week or so, we will be sharing recordings of the event with those who bought tickets, so keep an eye out for that hitting your inboxes. But some things are too good not to share, and Russell Bishop’s Teaching to the North-East webinar from Wednesday is most definitely in that category. 

That’s why we’re happy to provide a full recording of the session below, along with the Q&A session afterwards.

In a week for the celebration of Māori language, it serves as a fantastic reminder of the work we all have to do to ensure Māori students can learn, grow and thrive – as themselves.  

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