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Inside the planning: Tumuaki priorities for 2022-24

Since 2007, Springboard Trust has supported more than 600 tumuaki/principals to develop their leadership and create concise, visionary strategic plans for their schools.  

Working with more than 100 of these leaders every year, Springboard Trust gains unique insight into what our tumuaki are prioritising, planning and dreaming of for the future of our ākonga. With The Inside View, Springboard Trust is thrilled to present that insight.  

An evaluation and analysis of a full year of strategic plans from principals learning with us, The Inside View identifies five key themes that are  common to the vast majority of these plans. From growing leaders among staff and students to specific strategies for connecting with communities, this report is essential reading for those interested in the future of our schools.  

“We are in a very privileged position to be on the front lines of principals’ planning for the future, and we’re excited to present that knowledge in a way that can benefit the wider community and sector,” notes Springboard Trust CEO Dale Bailey.  

“The prevailing themes are so positive, so focused on building and connecting – it really is an excellent snapshot of where our school leaders’ thinking sits currently.”  

Building on our recent 2021 Impact Report and GoodMeasure Report from ImpactLab, The Inside View shows the specific areas of our schools and communities that principals want to effect positive change in – as well as how they plan to do it between now and the end of 2024.

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The Inside View - Strategic Plan Analysis 2022-24

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