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Happy National Volunteer Week!

This week, it’s time to celebrate those who have given so much of their time and expertise to New Zealand’s learners – our volunteers.  

It’s Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu, or National Volunteer Week. And this year, the theme is The Benefit of Working Together - which aligns quite nicely with one of our core values of Better Together! So for the next five days, we’ll be showcasing volunteer content only – interviews with some of our favourites, a focus on the impact they have for learners and some special shout outs from our principals!  

The difference volunteers make for Springboard Trust 

Our cross-sector model is predicated on bringing educational leaders together with business sector experts, with each teaching the other invaluable lessons in development and leadership.  

Most amazingly of all, our experts aren’t paid – they give (in some cases) upwards of weeks of their year for the love of it.  

They’re just one part of a much wider network of volunteers in New Zealand. More than one in five of us do volunteer work every year, contributing some 159 million hours of labour to those who need it.  

At Springboard, that work goes straight into our schools. By helping develop the skills of NZ principals, volunteer work tangibly improves the lives of leaders, teachers and ultimately students.  

Education is at the heart of our society – it's the foundation upon which every life is built. And our volunteers’ commitment to wanting the very best education for every child has seen them do wonderful things with Springboard Trust.  

We’ll be showcasing some of those volunteer stories throughout the week – but for now, enjoy our infographic on Springboard volunteer contributions and check out our thank-you video from principals we’ve worked with!  

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