2021 programme applications are now open!

Applications are now open for our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP) and Strategic Leadership for Rural Teaching Principals (SLRTP).   Since 2007, Springboard has been delivering SLPP to principals in need across New Zealand. Our vision is to dramatically improve outcomes for NZ learners, and we do this by improving principals’ strategic leadership.   The Springboard model is unique: we operate across sectors, partnering principals with volunteer experts from the public, private and philanthropic realms. Principals gain the tools and frameworks they need to improve conditions – and outcomes – for students.  SLPP and SLRTP: What’s the difference?   SLPP is our flagship programme, teaching the core tenets of strategic leadership over approximately 10 months, with workshops and meetings throughout. You can find out more about the programme details here.   SLRTP is one of our latest offerings, and the first programme of its kind in New Zealand. Originally piloted in 2020, this programme incorporates elements of SLPP and our High Performing Leaders programme, delivering leadership capability development that is specifically tailored to rural teaching principals. You’ll find more about that programme here.   2021 application details  The application process is simple – you fill out our form for your preferred programme, and we’ll be in touch about availability and next steps.  For 2021, we have 72 places for principals available across these two programmes. As part of this, we are piloting our very first virtual cohort  - accessible to principals from anywhere in New Zealand and a key development in our post-COVID approach.   If you’re ready to apply for either programme, details are below. If you’re a volunteer looking to develop your own skills and work with a principal, you’ll find more details here.  

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