Connecting with Principals Report

A new report exploring principal needs and challenges under COVID-19.

Lockdown changed us all.  

Economic turmoil, drastic reduction in social activity, and widespread massive impacts on wellbeing – and nobody knows this better than New Zealand’s principals.  

As the cornerstones of their communities, principals have seen first-hand the havoc that COVID-19 has wrought on their schools, students and communities. Further, they have had to manage rapid and drastic shifts in how students learn, adapting to distance learning on the fly, and looking after their students' education needs and wellbeing under unprecedented conditions.  

As a trusted provider of support to hundreds of principals nationwide, Springboard Trust has been in a privileged position to hear from principals first-hand about their successes, challenges and the future concerns that have come about from the COVID-19 lockdown experience.

Here is what they told us.

Connecting with Principals is a whitepaper borne out of Springboard Trust's survey of 65 principals from March to May 2020, breaking down their successes, challenges and concerned. Collated and filtered through reflexive thematic analysis, we hope it provides valuable insight into how school leaders have operated under extraordinary conditions.

Connecting with Principals: Whitepaper

Download our report on school leaders under lockdown
This is a fantastic new step for Springboard - we cherish our relationships with so many school leaders in New Zealand, and hope that presenting these findings helps to shine a light on not just the challenges they have faced under COVID-19, but the remarkable way they have rallied their communities to the benefit of a massive number of learners
Dale Bailey, Springboard Trust CEO

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