Talent Management Workshop

Find the perfect people for your plan - and keep them.

With a New Zealand teaching workforce of 70,000 and counting, principals have a huge variety of people on their teams. Yet it is becoming more challenging to recruit and retain the right people at the right time.   

Schools that don’t pay close attention to how their people are feeling, developing and responding to change will likely face higher turnover, and more issues implementing their strategic plans.  

Springboard Trust’s Talent Management Workshop gives school leaders an insight into a framework for good talent management, supports schools to develop a people strategy, and gives you the tools to ensure everyone in your school can bring their best.  

How does the Talent Management Workshop work?

Talent management isn’t a set-and-forget action – it's a constantly evolving process, and one that needs a holistic focus at all times. As with everything, it’s all about the people.  

In our Talent Management Workshop, you work with a facilitator and one of the Springboard Trust Relationship & Programme Managers to develop your school’s own view of talent management, where your team fits in the cycle, what is a priority area for you to start and what you need to do to ensure a healthy, happy team in the future.  

The workshop is broken down into five stages, each representing a part of the talent management cycle: onboarding, development, retention, planning and attraction.  

We will help you align a talent strategy to your strategic plan, helping you work with the right people for your vision and values. That may include identifying  solutions to address your talent gaps, where your team’s strengths lie, and how the talent management process never stops – even when you’re not actively looking for new people.  

It is a half-day workshop, and takes approximately four hours.  

What do you get out of the Talent Management Workshop?  

  • Understand the talent management cycle and all its different stages.  

  • Have a framework and tools to get the best out of your people.  

  • Be able to develop a talent management/people strategy for your school.  

  • Apply the GROW coaching model to support your existing and potential people.  

Who is the Talent Management Workshop for?

The Talent Management workshop is open to all alumni principals (those who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme) and works best when the leadership team attend the workshop together 

To find out more about our next Talent Management workshop, contact your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page.  

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