Recalibrate Your Strategy Workshop

A review and refresh of your strategic plan.

Get your plan back on track

Every principal who has worked with Springboard Trust has developed a three-year outlook and a strategic plan for their school.  

But in the wake of COVID-19, so much has changed. You might have new priorities, and new initiatives that you want to introduce that mean your original plan may suddenly seem out of date..  

Recalibrate Your Strategy (RYS) is a new Springboard Trust workshop designed to help school leaders reconnect, share ideas and rework their strategic plan to better suit the current environment. It gives you perspective, clarity and the tools for a roadmap for the months and years ahead.  

How does Recalibrate Your Strategy work?  

In the two-hour online RYS workshops, principals will:  

  • Assess how the current situation will impact your strategy 

  • Consider and review your goals and initiatives 

  • Identify priorities for the short- and medium-term 

  • Identify key stakeholders and their engagement needs 

  • Consider the conditions needed to lead these changes  

Essentially, RYS acts as a reset – a space for you to take stock, look at what’s important to you now and start working on a plan to make that happen.  

Who is Recalibrate your Strategy for?

Recalibrate Your Strategy is open to all principals who have completed a strategic plan with Springboard Trust before.  

It is a workshop conducted online, will require two hours of your time and requires your existing tools like roadmaps and your stakeholder, annual and strategic plans.  

To enquire about attending a Recalibrate Your Strategy workshop, please get in touch with your Relationship & Programme Manager

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