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Voices in the Room: Welcome to Springboard’s new limited-series podcast

COVID-19 continues to cause problems – but for some much more than others.  

The pandemic and subsequent economic impacts have, in many cases, exacerbated long-standing inequity across education. From access to digital resources to questions around what a normal learning environment truly is, there are many questions that continue to go unanswered.  

To explore these issues and shine a light on some seldom heard perspectives on COVID’s impact in education, Springboard Trust has been working with esteemed Maori academic Te Tuhi Robust.

The result is our new limited series podcast, Voices in the Room.  

Episode One: Paul Murphy available on Acast and on Spotify - listen now!

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing a series of conversations Te Tuhi has held with his colleagues from across the political and academic spectrum, focusing on Māori perspectives on education under COVID-19.  

The interviewees come from a swathe of backgrounds – from academia to pilot training – yet all have the same keen focus: how we are going to improve conditions for Māori and Pasifika students in the wake of such a devastating crisis.

The podcast title, we hope, exemplifies one of the key questions in this: how do we make sure New Zealand’s marginalised voices are in the room when decisions on their future are made?  

We hope these free-flowing, invigorating conversations that Te Tuhi has brought together will start similar conversations in your home, your workplace and your community. Perhaps most of all, we hope you enjoy the series. 

Episode One: Paul Murphy

Te Tuhi Robust speaks with former Kedgley Intermediate principal, Paul Murphy, about his experiences as both principal - as well as transversal skills, the legacy of Clarence Beeby and his time as a pilot.

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Episode Two: Renata Tane

Renata Tane, former principal at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe, speaks to Te Tuhi about missionary schools and how the state can do more for Māori learners.

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Episode Three: Dr Marise Stuart

Te Tuhi Robust is joined by Dr Marise Stuart: Fulbright scholar, social justice and climate advocate and Director at Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā Trust, among endless other roles - covering everything from solar panel projects to systemic inequity to the WHO being overturned.

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Episode Four: Te Rōpu Poa

Te Rōpu leads Te Hau Ora o Ngāpuhi, and speaks with Te Tuhi on a broad range of issues - from COVID-19 impacts on communities through to ongoing water issues in the north.

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Episode Five: Tracey Simeon

In our fifth episode, Te Tuhi Robust speaks to Tracey Simeon - current Principal of Tautoro School in Tai Tokerau, and formerly of Kaikohe West School. Here, she discusses the way schools operate under COVID, the lack of support for Māori students in the wake of COVID-19, and her own experience with Springboard Trust. Listen on Spotify

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