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Together We Can: International Volunteer Day 2020 is here!

Tomorrow (December 5th) marks International Volunteers Day (IVD) – a time to recognise and celebrate the contributions of volunteers all over the world.

Originally set up by the United Nations in 1985, IVD takes on a new theme every year. In 2020, that theme is Together We Can. It’s a theme that resonates in New Zealand’s volunteer community – the vast majority of those who freely give their time here do so to help communities and connect with others.

It’s obviously been a difficult year for everyone, both in New Zealand and abroad. But despite the financial, health and societal challenges we have faced, volunteers have continued to give their time, energy and aroha to those who need it.

This was never more evident than in the work we do at Springboard. Our cross-sector model means volunteers from all walks of life work with principals and school leaders – but many of those organisations we partner with were some of the hardest-hit by COVID-19.

Nevertheless, nearly every single volunteer who agreed to join us at the beginning of 2020 stayed on through thick and thin, coaching and challenging school leaders while learning massive amounts about education and their own leadership capability.

So for International Volunteers Day 2020, we’d like to take a moment to say to our volunteers: We don’t know how you did it, and we are so humbled and grateful that you did.

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Let's Celebrate Our Volunteers Together!

Let's Celebrate Our Volunteers Together!

Make a difference: Education volunteering opportunities with Springboard

Calling all volunteers – we'd love for you to join us next year!   Springboard Trust empowers New Zealand school leaders to transform their schools, and we need your help to do it.   Our cross-sector model, unique in our field, brings together principals and senior school leaders with volunteers from the public, private and philanthropic sectors to create positive change and improve practice. In turn, volunteers get a unique opportunity to build relationships with the education sector and improve their own coaching, facilitation and leadership.   In 2021, we have multiple opportunities available for you to join us, whether you want to commit for a few hours or a 10-month programme.   Whether you’ve worked with us before and want to do it again, want to expand or tweak the way you’ve worked with us, or want to join us for the very first time – just contact our Volunteer Manager Rebecca Brown, and let us know which opportunity you’re interested in!  

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National Volunteer Week 2020 - Principal tributes

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As we complete our celebrations for National Volunteer Week, we'd like to present a series of tributes to those who have given so much of their time and energy for the betterment of New Zealand schools. You'll also find our volunteer spotlights here, as well as our latest infographic highlighting the work that Springboard volunteers have put in over the years. Enjoy! An extended thank-you video from principals across the country

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