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Springboard Trust's 2020 Impact Report is here!

We’re transforming schools together.  

Springboard Trust is proud to present the 2020 Impact Report – a full analysis of our body of work, its impact, and how we’ll continue creating that impact in the future.  

Throughout 2020, we all faced challenges that required rapid, relevant responses to support New Zealand’s students. As our Connecting With Principals report indicated, much of the work school leaders did in response to COVID-19 was a resounding success, despite the challenges posed by both the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns.  

The 2020 Impact Report is an accounting of these successes, challenges and aspirations felt within the education sector, as well as how Springboard Trust delivered for school leaders and their teams, students, whānau and communities during, yes we’re going to say it one last time, an unprecedented global pandemic.  

It’s also a report that looks to the future, asking those critical “how might we” questions of Springboard Trust. How might we support all New Zealand schools and students? How might we help schools better measure their successes? And how might we ensure the impact we create lasts for years beyond a leader’s time with us?  

Springboard Trust took on a new vision last year, adopting the new aspiration of Transforming Schools Together. With so much exciting work ahead and some exemplary impacts from a trying 2020, we’re looking forward to doing just that with you – and this report is a fantastic a window into what we have in store.  

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Springboard Trust 2020 Impact Report

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