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Springboard Trust congratulates new Hugh Green Foundation appointment

On behalf of everyone at Springboard Trust, I would like to congratulate two key members of our strategic partner, the Hugh Green Foundation.  

First, to Adrienne Thompson, who is stepping down as CEO after nine years of incredible work with HGF, including two and a half in this leadership role. She holds incredible resolve and a stalwart commitment to making a difference where it is needed most, and I want to thank her for her support and leadership, without which Springboard Trust simply could not operate as it does. We hope your move to Nelson is joyous, and that your work continues to flourish in a part-time advisory role with HGF.  

Second, to Lorraine Mentz, who has been appointed Chief Executive of Hugh Green Foundation beginning January 1st, 2021. Lorraine is no stranger to either this role, HGF or Springboard Trust, having served as our CEO until last year. I have seen first-hand her work and the impact it has across New Zealand, and know that the role of CEO is in safe, committed and experienced hands with Lorraine.  

Hugh Green Foundation has been instrumental in getting Springboard Trust to where it is today. They have gifted us our Onehunga premises, and consistently support and challenge us to do the utmost for young New Zealanders in need.  

We have cherished our relationship with Adrienne as CEO, and offer Lorraine a fantastic round of congratulations. We look forward to working with you more on creating positive impact for young New Zealanders well into the future.  


Dale Bailey, CEO, Springboard Trust 

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