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Panel partners: An ASB view on our next event

Last week was a fantastic time, with the first session of Springboard Trust’s panel conversations with Strategic Partner ASB taking place. Over the course of an hour, we heard from Billie-Jean Potaka-Ayton, Dr Nina Hood and Chief Economist Nick Tuffley on everything ranging from streaming in schools to New Zealand’s economic prospects.

It was an invigorating event, and we’re ready to do it all again next week with Stories of Resilience and Innovation.

Billie-Jean and Dr Hood will return, this time joined by Sarah-Jane Whitehead – ASB's Head of Healthm, Safety and Wellbeing. Facilitated once again by SBT Board Chair Ian Narev, it is an event not to be missed!

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Ahead of the event, we spoke with ASB’s Head of Community and Sponsorship Mark Graham about our ongoing partnership, why resilience and innovation, and what people can expect next week!

Why are resilience and innovation such important topics to cover?

Mark: Our education system, schools and principals play such an important role in guiding our students through their learning during ‘the great disruption’, and resilience is fundamental to that.

If we can play a role in facilitating discussions and sharing from respected experts in this area, then it’s something we are very keen to contribute to.

And innovation is the way forward from these challenges – these panels are a great example of it. While face to face networking events definitely have value, ASB has been running a lot of virtual events over the past few months and we’ve been hearing some great feedback from people who have participated in these . We wanted to bring this experience to this forum , and continue sharing this innovative way of learning for all participants.

These discussions could continue forever – just look at how many questions came through!
Mark Graham, ASB
These events are a new step for our partnership – how has it gone for you so far?

Mark: It’s been great to have such a tactile opportunity to work with Springboard Trust on these panels. We’ve been proud of our long history with Springboard Trust, supporting your vision with volunteers working with principals in SLPP. This is something new, yes, but it’s a logical next step – both of us sharing resources and bringing people together to benefit schools and communities.

Attendees get to hear from a broad array of respected speakers, have the opportunity to ask questions, challenge thinking and share with one another – it's just such a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved. As we saw in the first session, these robust discussions could also continue forever – just look at how many questions came through! Everyone I have spoken to since is so excited for the second panel – and hopefully we’ll continue to run more of these forums in the future.

ASB and Springboard Trust present: Stories of Resilience and Innovation

Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:30am

Featuring Ian Narev, Sarah-Jane Whitehead, Dr Nina Hood and Billie-Jean Potaka-Ayton.

Register for free here – we'll see you there!

Stories of Resilience and Innovation

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