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Leading with Evidence Webinar

Springboard Trust brings together leaders from across Aotearoa to strengthen leadership so our tamariki mokopuna thrive. Strong leaders make strong schools, and strong nations. 

We are proud to share our Leading with Evidence webinar featuring Rachel Chater (Kawerau Putauaki School), Brian Martin (Te Kauwhata Primary School) and Ben Szeto (KPMG). Watch and hear these amazing leaders share their experience in leading with evidence. Scroll below the video for some notes from the session.

“When we set a strategy, we are making a bunch of assumptions based on what we know in the context of what we are operating within right now. The power of strategic measurement is to challenge and question these assumptions. It allows us to ask ourselves, did those assumptions hold true and if they don’t, how are we pivoting to make sure we are heading in the right direction.” Ben Szeto 

All three panellists spoke about Springboard Trust’s Strategic Measurement for Schools programme that support your school to develop a balanced scorecard. Click here to find out more and register your interest. 

Key messages from the webinar: 

  • Good measurement: 

    • brings strategy to life and into execution, 

    • lifts you out of the day to day and gives you clarity and focus.  

    • brings alignment to your purpose with key stakeholders including your team, board, and community. 

  • Measure:

    • what matters strategically, not what is easy to measure,

    • what is too important to leave to chance.  

  • Success in leading with evidence looks like: 

    • culture change when organisations lean into their measures so they can see the progress they are making,  

    • evidence and data challenging your biases, 

    • full board and leadership team meetings focused on the strategic measurement framework, using it to drive everything in their school or organisation focusing strategic conversations at the right level. 

  • Work with a mix of lead and lag measures: 

    • lead measures that are predictive of where we are going to end up, 

    • lag measures are reflective of what we have achieved, 

    • good lead measures will improve the quality of the outcomes in the lag,

    •  trust your intervention logic. 

  • Balance quantitative objective measures and qualitative context. 

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