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KPMG and Springboard Trust - our next level in partnership

KPMG have been an incredible partner to Springboard Trust for the last six years – and now we’re taking a fantastic new step together, as they become our latest strategic partner. This shift is a recognition of the amazing contributions that KPMG’s massive volunteer base has made to tumuaki, schools and tamariki right across Aotearoa.

KPMG and Springboard Trust – a brief history

KPMG have been working with Springboard since 2015, supporting our work with a wealth of volunteers. They work across all of our programmes, from Capacity Partners in the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme to experienced facilitators for our High Performing Leadership Teams programme.

In the last six years, more than 64 senior leaders at KPMG have given over 3,000 hours of their time to supporting school leaders. Springboard Trust is KPMG’s biggest commitment in its citizenship space, and our vision of transforming schools together aligns so well with their community focus of one of their Sustainable Development Goals to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

“We really appreciate every aspect of our partnership with Springboard, but mostly how awesome it is to work with school leaders across Aotearoa on an area that is critically important to children’s education." - David King, Partner, KPMG

Why we love our partnership with KPMG

1. Their support in helping us grow new regions

KPMG’s volunteers have helped us take off in a number of new regions, particularly Tairāwhiti, Wellington and the Bay of Plenty. It’s always a challenge branching out our programmes into new regions and finding amazing volunteers who can work on the ground there – but KPMG has consistently had our back in this regard.

2. Their amazing spaces

KPMG provide additional support through their world-class facilities for our workshops, as well as providing space for tumuaki and volunteers to learn, grow and celebrate their strategic leadership development at the close of our programmes.

3. Their willingness to go above and beyond

KPMG are one of our most reliable partners when it comes to needing support quickly. If it’s finding specific volunteers, supporting our internal processes or just providing a sounding board for things we’re working on, they are always on hand to help.

And that is why they are our newest strategic partner – in recognition of the amazing value they add to the work that we do, and of their commitment to transforming schools together.

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