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Continue your learning journey with Springboard Trust

When a principal works with Springboard – be it through SLPP, SLRTP or one of our bespoke projects – they gain access to a wealth of support and resources to help them continue their leadership journey.  

After all, creating the conditions for change is a long-term process. While the work school leaders do with us in a single programme is incredible development, that work also forms the bedrock upon which our Alumni Services takes place.  

From our more advanced leadership programmes to tailored skills workshops to a network of connections and resources, here is what school leaders can look forward to from Springboard Trust.  

Half- or full-day sessions to enhance your strategic thinking.

Kickstart Your Strategy Workshop

A strategic plan is a foundation document for any future-facing school. However, that plan takes the long and broad view of your school’s vision and strategic goals and does not provide the level of granularity that is required to translate strategy into action.  Kickstart Your Strategy is all about breaking down your strategic plan into scoped, measurable pieces of work that your team can use to guide action and review progress on a regular basis.   How does Kickstart Your Strategy work? This workshop will assist you and your lead team to: Initiate - Practical experience in initiating and planning your activities Communicate - Understand who your key stakeholders are and how best to engage them Implement – Gain knowledge of tools that will assist in monitoring and measuring your plan Change - Appreciate your role in leading the strategic change within your school.  Who is Kickstart Your Strategy for? The KYS workshop is open to principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme in the prior year, as well as their senior leadership teams.   To find out more about our next KYS workshop, get in touch with your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page. 

Recalibrate Your Strategy Workshop

Get your plan back on track Every principal who has worked with Springboard Trust has developed a three-year outlook and a strategic plan for their school.   But in the wake of COVID-19, so much has changed. You might have new priorities, and new initiatives that you want to introduce that mean your original plan may suddenly seem out of date..   Recalibrate Your Strategy (RYS) is a new Springboard Trust workshop designed to help school leaders reconnect, share ideas and rework their strategic plan to better suit the current environment. It gives you perspective, clarity and the tools for a roadmap for the months and years ahead.   How does Recalibrate Your Strategy work?   In the two-hour online RYS workshops, principals will:   Assess how the current situation will impact your strategy  Consider and review your goals and initiatives  Identify priorities for the short- and medium-term  Identify key stakeholders and their engagement needs  Consider the conditions needed to lead these changes   Essentially, RYS acts as a reset – a space for you to take stock, look at what’s important to you now and start working on a plan to make that happen.   Who is Recalibrate your Strategy for? Recalibrate Your Strategy is open to all principals who have completed a strategic plan with Springboard Trust before.   It is a workshop conducted online, will require two hours of your time and requires your existing tools like roadmaps and your stakeholder, annual and strategic plans.   To enquire about attending a Recalibrate Your Strategy workshop, please get in touch with your Relationship & Programme Manager. 

Talent Management Workshop

With a New Zealand teaching workforce of 70,000 and counting, principals have a huge variety of people on their teams. Yet it is becoming more challenging to recruit and retain the right people at the right time.    Schools that don’t pay close attention to how their people are feeling, developing and responding to change will likely face higher turnover, and more issues implementing their strategic plans.   Springboard Trust’s Talent Management Workshop gives school leaders an insight into a framework for good talent management, supports schools to develop a people strategy, and gives you the tools to ensure everyone in your school can bring their best.   How does the Talent Management Workshop work? Talent management isn’t a set-and-forget action – it's a constantly evolving process, and one that needs a holistic focus at all times. As with everything, it’s all about the people.   In our Talent Management Workshop, you work with a facilitator and one of the Springboard Trust Relationship & Programme Managers to develop your school’s own view of talent management, where your team fits in the cycle, what is a priority area for you to start and what you need to do to ensure a healthy, happy team in the future.   The workshop is broken down into five stages, each representing a part of the talent management cycle: onboarding, development, retention, planning and attraction.   We will help you align a talent strategy to your strategic plan, helping you work with the right people for your vision and values. That may include identifying  solutions to address your talent gaps, where your team’s strengths lie, and how the talent management process never stops – even when you’re not actively looking for new people.   It is a half-day workshop, and takes approximately four hours.   What do you get out of the Talent Management Workshop?   Understand the talent management cycle and all its different stages.   Have a framework and tools to get the best out of your people.   Be able to develop a talent management/people strategy for your school.   Apply the GROW coaching model to support your existing and potential people.   Who is the Talent Management Workshop for? The Talent Management workshop is open to all alumni principals (those who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme) and works best when the leadership team attend the workshop together  To find out more about our next Talent Management workshop, contact your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page.  

Annual Planning Workshop

Principals also need to know how to deliver their strategic plan effectively, year on year.  Which initiatives you’ll take on this year, who will be responsible versus who will be accountable, and when do actions need to be completed. With the Annual Planning Workshop, you get the clarity you need to deliver on your strategy in the upcoming year.     What happens in the Annual Planning Workshop The Annual Planning Workshop is a Term Four programme tailored for alumni principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP). A single-day session for you, your senior and/or middle leaders, it is a time to break down your strategic hierarchy (vision, mission, initiatives, actions and outputs) and set clear goals and initiatives for the following year.   Once finished, you will:  Understand your strategic hierarchy  Be able to define and tell apart the above terms in your own plan  Have a shared language for talking about the plan in your team   Use the SCOT and PEST models, and apply them in your school  Understand where you are in the delivery of your strategic plan Be able to apply RASCI frameworks to your plan  Have a leadership team who understands the ins and outs of the strategic plan.  In short, the Annual Planning Workshop breaks down the strategic plan into an annual plan.    Who is the Annual Planning Workshop for?   As above, this workshop is open to all alumni principals who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals (SLPP) programme.   While principals may come on their own, we recommend they bring at least their Deputy Principals or Assistant Principals, as well as other key members of their leadership team.   In Auckland, the workshops will take place at the Springboard Trust offices in Onehunga. Elsewhere in New Zealand, we will host them at venues to be advised based on demand and resource.   Please note that, as with most of our programmes, resource is limited. While all alumni principals are welcome, we may have to prioritise based on school need. What does the Annual Planning Workshop cost?   Nothing but your time! Annual Planning is a free workshop, and will run for approximately six hours on a single day. Where can I enrol in the Annual Planning workshop?   Registration will open in term three but before then you can get in touch with your Programme Manager, or head on over to our contact page to fill out an expression of interest.  

Foster your strengths and bring your team on the leadership journey.

Springboard Coaching for Leadership (SCL)

Foster your strengths through a comprehensive 360-degree feedback system with coaching support. Springboard Coaching for Leadership is a service designed to support principals, senior and middle school leaders to understand their strengths and how these can be leveraged in existing or future roles.  From Term 3, 2021, Springboard Trust will be offering this programme in an extended format, running across Term 3 and 4 (rather than a single term as have historically done). How does Springboard Coaching for Leadership work?  SCL is a process of reflection, introspection and then connection. The Springboard team – along with our volunteers – provide a principal, senior or middle leader with coaching and guidance to help them decipher their strengths, areas for development and where they should focus their efforts.  This is supported by a comprehensive 360-degree feedback process involving up to 15 people the leader works or engages with. Fully confidential, SCL provides a safe and supportive environment for all the feedback you need to thrive.   You will work through SCL in a series of one-on-one sessions alongside an expert volunteer coach, who will support you to unpack the feedback, set a goal and work on a plan to achieve your goal.  What do school leaders get out of Springboard Coaching for Leadership? Springboard Trust’s leadership framework is a tried and tested model for not just strong school leadership, but the flow-on impacts of that leadership to the rest of the school and wider community. It correlates with the Teaching Council’s Leadership Framework, as well as the Mental Health Foundation’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing model.   Through 360 feedback and coaching in SCL, school leaders will:  Foster trust, safety, creativity and exploratory thinking in themselves and their teams.   Develop strengths-based leadership with clear, practical next steps.   Get unique insight into their own leadership style.   Create positive leadership practices that impact the whole school and community.   Finally, SCL gives you the starting point for developing your own skills and bringing the rest of your leadership team on this journey with you.   Who can take on Springboard Coaching for Leadership? The SCL programme is open to all Springboard Trust alumni principals (those who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme), their senior leaders and middle leaders.  This service runs over several months, and requires committed input from up to 15 key people, including coaches, leadership team members, direct reports and peers. To find out more about Springboard Coaching for Leadership or to register your interest, contact your Programme Manager or head over to our contact page. 

High Performing Leadership Teams (HPLT)

It takes a village to raise a strong school environment.  While strong leadership is a must for any New Zealand principal, it is equally important to bring that journey to each and every member of a school’s leadership team.   Springboard Trust’s High Performing Leadership Teams programme helps schools develop a shared vision, understanding and plan for high performance. It helps individuals find their place in a leadership team, create development pathways and identify how every members of a team contributes to the vision or plan of a school.   A problem shared is a problem halved, and leadership shared is leadership gained by all.   How does High Performing Leadership Teams work?   HPLT is a programme designed to light the fire of distributed leadership in New Zealand schools.   You and your leadership team (both senior and middle leaders welcome) meet with an expert volunteer facilitator through three four-hour workshops, taking place across one school term, all under the guidance of a Springboard Trust Programme Manager. The workshops are: Laying the Foundation Building the Team Operating to Get Results A pre-survey helps the facilitators understand your team, and they will feed back analysis on how you all work together before the workshops begin. This ensures the course is tailored to your leadership team’s needs, rather than a prescribed curriculum that may not be an ideal fit.  Through the workshops, you will build a cohesive team unit who understand one another, learn to operate effectively and communicate with one another to improve learner success.   A final round of analysis with the facilitators helps your team set next steps, and clearly define roles and development for the future.   You can find more information on the facilitator role here! What do school leaders gain from High Performing Leadership Teams?  By the end of an HPLT course, you and your leadership team will have:   A shared knowledge of what constitutes a High Performing Leadership Team and a shared team purpose, behaviours and goals to achieve this.  Increased their skills and abilities to work effectively together as a high performing leadership team and lead change.    Developed a shared commitment to change and a focus on operating strategically to achieve results.  Who is High Performing Leadership Teams for?   HPLT is open to the leadership teams surrounding all Springboard Trust alumni (those who have completed the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme).   While all leadership team members are welcome, it is ultimately the decision of the principal on who to bring to the HPLT programme. In particular, leadership team members who play an important role in the implementation of your strategic plan should be invited.   What do you need for High Performing Leadership Teams?   First and foremost, a willing leadership team that wants to commit to positive change and a better shared understanding of your work. The HPLT programme will take up to five days of time across a single school term, ideally conducted face to face in a safe environment. Please note that unlike many of our other strategic leadership programmes, HPLT does have a cost of $2,500 plus GST. There are scholarships available thanks to our partners – please contact us to find out more about this.   To enquire about our next HPLT intake, please either contact your Programme Manager or head on over to our contact page.  

Broaden the horizons of your professional learning and development

School Innovation Services (Professional Learning and Development)

Professional learning and development (PLD) is at the heart of any good school. Building tomorrow’s leaders and helping them adopt the same lessons you have learned through our programmes is a key part a future-focused education.   But for so many New Zealand schools, needs are varied. Needs are unique. And those needs must be met to improve the lives of young New Zealanders. Springboard Trust’s can offer it's unique cross-sector learning to school leaders and Communities of Learning/Kāhui Ako where it fits the Ministry of Education's priorities and criteria. Our PLD model   Through funded PLD, Springboard Trust delivers similar learning to our philanthropically subsidised programmes and workshops. This has included custom versions of our Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme, or running programmes in regions where we do not have existing resources to deliver. It has also meant strategic design and / or evaluation, as well as helping leadership teams prepare for cultural capability work. In action, this will look different for every school. We are an accredited PLD provider with the Ministry of Education, and have worked in multi-agency and multi-school environments, right down to helping leaders with single-issue projects.   The theme is collaboration – consulting with every available party, from school to government to community, and finding unique solutions for your challenges.  We scope the work alongside you, find the right cross-sector experts to support with your needs and help to create positive change. To find out more about how we might be able to support you, contact your Relationship & Programme Manager.History of Springboard Trust PLD This offering has stemmed directly from our work with Kāhui Ako across Aotearoa. We had previously participated in the Communities of Learning Change Management panel with the Ministry of Education, and worked closely with many Kāhui Ako as a consultant to help them streamline, evolve and work together to achieve their common goals.   Through this work, we developed a keen understanding of schools’ ongoing needs that complement our original suite of programmes.   In 2019, we began a pilot series of "School Innovation Services" programmes, which expanded in 2020 to include a huge variety of bespoke leadership development for tumuaki across Aotearoa. This work complements (rather than takes the place of) our philanthropically-subsidised programmes, allowing us to expand our reach and transform schools together in places and ways we otherwise could not.

Learning Events

Springboard Trust’s Learning Events are a unique opportunity to listen, learn and collaborate with some of New Zealand’s leading educational minds. Held at least once per year, we use our cross-sector connections to bring speakers from a wide array of cultures, backgrounds and sectors with the express goal of enriching the lives and minds of New Zealand principals.   Disruptive, engaging, challenging and rewarding – these are often the highlights of our alumni’s year.   What is a Learning Event? Prior to 2019, Learning Events were three to four hour sessions with a few speakers, built around areas of need that our alumni principals identified.  In 2019, we held our first full-day event at Eden Park, with keynote speakers and attendees’ choice of breakout sessions throughout the day.   With more than 250 people in attendance and nine wholly engrossing speakers, feedback suggests more of the same in the future.   What is covered at a Learning Event? Topics from previous years include:   Colouring in the white spaces: Challenging white supremacy in education. (Dr Ann Milne, Education Researcher)  The snakes and ladders of leadership. (Ian Narev, Board Chair at Springboard Trust).   Leading culture change in education.   Whanau engagement and empowerment.   Leading for Equity We have also had speakers approaching education from the perspectives of corporate leadership, early childhood neuroscience, public health and trauma recovery.   Who can attend a Learning Event? All alumni principals, as well as their leadership teams, are invited to attend each of our Learning Events. We also welcome partners, volunteers and principals currently taking part in the Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme.   Please note that unlike most of the Springboard Trust programmes and services, the Learning Event is not always free – full pricing and ticketing information will be provided well in advance of each announcement.   Where can I sign up for the next Learning Event? You can contact your Relationship & Programme Manager, or head on over to our contact page to fill out an expression of interest! We will also notify all invitees of upcoming events via email and our social channels.  

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